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To meet the demands of customers in Europe, we have set up our warehouse in France. Yes, You can get Yunnan Baiyao Capsules from our France warehouse. At the same time, we are also providing the oversea door-to-door wholesale and retail service of Yunnan Baiyao. You can get the product directly from China.


This Might Save Your Life! Yunnan Baiyao

can treat the Race-Horse type pulmonary hemorrhage(EIPH),

Yunnan Baiyao is widely used for the treatment of hemangiomas in dogs and cats

Pharmacological studies show that Yunnan Baiyao can stop bleeding, anti-blood stasis, anti-inflammatory,anti-cancer,healing and so on efficacy.

At present,surgery is the most ideal and direct way of treatment for animals with hemangiomas. For hemangiomas that grow on the spleen,liver,heart,and muscle,veterinarians continue to give chemotherapy to animals to prevent the spread of mutated cells after removing them.However,some animals body are too weak or too old,the risk of surgery and chemotherapy is too high,in the case of poor prognosis,the need for conservative treatment or post-operative adjuvan therapy,Yunnan Baiyao as another supplement way,is China’s best combination of natural herbs,it follows the laws of natural therapy.

Bring More Joy to Your Family

Veterinarians and researchers who have used the Yunnan Baiyao for long time have shown that, The pet body internal’s herbal formula change complex pharmacological after oral administration,with inflammatory,hemostasis,Promote organizational recovery and other effects. On the one hand can quickly reduce the internal bleeding of cancerous tissue, On the other hand to restore the growth of organizational structure. Compared to not use Yunnan Baiyao, the pet who use it can greatly exceed the expected life expectancy, Bring more joy to their families.

For Racing-Horse Exercise-Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage(EIPH),use Yunnan Baiyao before and after the game,is a very effective means to stop bleeding also !

It's a great addition to any first aid kit.